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Lift lock safety anti-theft performance by technological innovation leading industry
Lock industry has been a wide range of products in the field of. As a security alarm of the utility, must constantly improve technically, constantly updated, to confront the unlocking tool and other technical opening method. The existing lock although variety, shape and structure of great distinction, the inner of the lock core structure is more complex, but the vast majority of mechanical lock technique principle have no essential difference, the lock core member between the constraints of the ability is low, cannot achieve prevent technical unlocking effect.
The Ministry of public security industry standard GA / T73-1994 mechanical anti-theft lock standard, level of technical opening time mutual opening rate is: A. Not less than 1 minutes and no larger than 6/10000. B. Not less than 5 minutes and no larger than 6/10000. It is not difficult to see, common mechanical lock anti-theft function only in a relative range. This character is not very complex" technical opening method" in the popular, any a qualified mechanical lock can be used in anti lock tool for" illegal" technical opening, as long as the" illegal" open the elapsed time in the specified range is qualified products.
Over the years, in the lock manufacturing industry R & D personnel is in the lock core attachment structure for this, in the method of operation is more or less the same, not fully from preventing technical opening angle, using the reverse thinking to R & D lock core member between the restriction principle, resulting in anti lock tool technical opening or simple failure open more easily. Invented by Xu Weiliang ZL200620053041.8 patented technology, broke through the bottleneck industry of inertial technology, standing in the anti damage and preventing technical opening angle analysis and problem solving. The patented technology and aims to provide a lock core internals restrict each other between ability, and has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient use, safety and reliability of the mechanical lock, it will be common mechanical lock channel, a rotating device, card pin in the vision and operating methods used by each layer isolation technology, cannot use anti lock tools ( such as easy for the strong wrench or an electric drill ) and technical opening method for the abnormal opening.
Lock quality generally from the safety, security, appearance and other aspects carry on the investigation, the present anti-theft door, car lock has the industry standard, but the state to lock is still the standard established in the inertial technology bottleneck on the basis of this, the patent technology brings good good luck. A variety of high-grade buildings, luxury housing large numbers, greatly boosted the locks of the consumption demand, China's lock industry currently has annual sales reached 30000000000 yuan. Along with our country homes and cars and other major pillar industry development, lock industry to expand of the market further, with the enterprises will face more opportunities. Xu Weiliang developed the " spring rear-mounted mechanical lock and key" with its unique technology will open up a vast market, drive whole industry innovation and development.